Dr. Thomas Morris


Dr. Thomas Morris received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX with a research emphasis in cyber security. Dr. Morris is associate director of the Distributed Analytics and Security Institute (DASI), director of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Center (CIPC), and is a member of the Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR) and at Mississippi State University. His primary research interests include cyber security for industrial control systems and electric utilities and power system protective relaying. His recent research outcomes include vulnerability and exploit taxonomies, intrusion detection systems, virtual test beds, and a relay setting automation program used by a top 20 investor owned utility. He has authored more than 40 peer reviewed research conference and journal articles in these areas. Dr. Morris's research projects are funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Homeland Security, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, NASA, the US Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research Development Center (ERDC), Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation, and Entergy Corporation. Prior to joining MSU, Dr. Morris worked at Texas Instruments (TI) for 17 years in multiple roles including circuit design and verification engineer, applications engineer, team leader, and program manager.

University of Alabama in Huntsville