PI Meeting at Stevens Institute of Technology

Principle Investigators, graduate staff, and project sponsors from most of the INSuRE institutions attended a progress meeting at Stevens Institute of Technology. The institute, which sits on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, is home to the Davidson Laboratory, a maritime simulation and testing site and one of the two International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks in the U.S. Attendees were given an opportunity to tour this lab, with its 313-foot wave tank, and see graduate student demonstrations of current software and sensor research projects focused on assurance and security on the Hudson River. A Stevens student team also presented on their INSuRE work.

The meeting occurred midway through some institutions’ first implementations of the INSuRE class, and this semester was the first time that so many concurrent classes had been offered; some time was devoted to check-in with new institutions and current partners. Threads of discussion also included past and future growth of the INSuRE network, funding models and opportunities, focuses of future investigation or expansion, and plans for the fall semester.