INSuRE at Summer Conferences

This summer, INSuRE shows up at a handful of conferences and meetings. We have presentations or workshops at these venues:

  • 7th Annual Southeastern Cyber Security Summit (
    • Innovation in Cybersecurity Research Traineeship in the INSuRE Project, a view of the work to date in building INSuRE as an opportunity for research training
    • A Model and Tool for Public Cloud Provider Risk Assessment, based on work done by a research assistant team at Purdue.
  • The 19th Colloquium for Information System Security Education (
  • Second Workshopp on the Changing Landscape in HPC Security (
    • Toward a Data Spillage Prevention Process in Hadoop using Data Provenance, based on work done by a student project team at Purdue.

A handful of submissions are pending at other venues, from student team work performed throughout the INSuRE network.