Dr. Agnes Chan


Professor Chan received her Ph.D. in mathematics and joined the Northeastern University faculty in 1977. She is currently the Associate Dean and Graduate Director in the College of Computer and Information Science. Professor Chan's research focuses on cryptography and communication security. She has worked on designing efficient implementations on divisible electronic cash, which often requires exact payment in cash transactions. Professor Chan also designed fast, efficient mutual authentication algorithms for small mobile devices; worked on protocols, key management schemes and anti-jamming algorithms for securing communications among portable devices in a hostile, resource-constrained environment. In more recent work, Professor Chan and her group is examining practical applications of Oblivious RAM to security and privacy issues for the cloud. Professor Chan holds two patents, one on ultrafast pseudorandom sequence generator and one on software based stream ciphers. She has also published widely in IEEE conferences and journals, as well as in Crypto and Eurocrypt. Her research has been funded by NSA, NSF, DARPA and telecommunication industries. She has served on various program committees, Board of Directors of the IEEE Information Theory Society and is currently on the editorial board of the International Journal on Cryptography and Communications Discrete Structures, Boolean Functions and Sequences.

Northeastern University